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Adams County Common Pleas Court

“All courts shall be open, and every person, for an injury done him in his land, goods, person, or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and shall have justice administered without denial or delay.”

- Ohio Constitution, Bill of Rights, Article 1, Section 16, Redress in courts, (1851, amended 1912).

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The assignment of the Adams County Common Pleas, Probate, Juvenile Courts and Probation Department is to grant professional, impartial and quality service to the citizens of Adams County. The courts are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and families and will work closely with community resources to provide efficient administration of justice.

Current Term: 2/9/2017 - 2/8/2023

The Courts of Common Pleas, the only trial courts created by the Ohio Constitution, and established by Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution.  The jurisdiction of Courts of Common Pleas is outlined in Article IV, Section 4, and their establishment is codified in Ohio Revised Code 2301.01.  There is a Court of Common Pleas in each of Ohio’s 88 counties.

The Adams County Common Pleas, Juvenile and Probate Court, has jurisdiction over the General Division, Domestic Relation Division, Juvenile Court and Probate Court

Additionally, the Adams County Common Pleas, Juvenile and Probate Court is responsible for the Probation department, which monitors and supervises those criminal defendants placed on community control as part of their sentence, drug testing, community service, diversion programs and community outreach.

The General Division hears and decides allegations of serious crimes committed by adults and juveniles, civil matters involving contracts, personal injury, business issues, real estate issues including foreclosures, and all other matters not within the legal authority of the other divisions.

The Domestic Relations Division presides over cases involving divorce, dissolution, child custody, visitation, support, and other family matters.

The Juvenile Court, has legal authority over cases involving children who are alleged to be delinquent, unruly, abused, neglected, abandoned, or otherwise in need of legal attention.

The Probate Division, hears and decides matters involving wills, estates, trusts, guardianships, adoptions, name changes, and other matters.

Legal Disclaimer

It is not the intention of the Adams County Common Pleas Court to offer advice through these pages or through answering questions. While knowledgeable about the operation procedures of the Court, the Clerks are not attorneys and cannot recommend specific legal options, and their answering of questions by the public should not be construed as such. When in doubt about your legal status, you should seek the advice of an attorney knowledgeable in the area of law about which you are inquiring.


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
(closed on legal holidays)

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