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Jury Information

Jurors perform a vital role in the American justice system. Jury service is the fulfillment if a civil and moral obligation and through teamwork of the judge and jury, the protection of all citizen's rights and liberties is afforded.

Our staff is committed to make your jury experience a positive one. This website is intended to provide valuable information and answer many of your questions without the need for a phone call or email. However, If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (937) 544-7853 or fax at (937) 544-8271.

You may also contact one of the jury commissioners directly via email:

Leanne Liston
Mary Stanforth

The Juror's Creed

I am a juror; I accept the position not only as an honor but as my solemn duty.
I will remember the men & women who died to give us, and retain for us, the right of trial by jury, and I will reflect upon the fate of those people whose government gives them no such right.
I will act with the realization that the success of the jury system depends upon the willingness of men and women of integrity and intelligence to accept jury service, and upon the fidelity with which they discharge that responsibility.
I will listen attentively to all the evidence, the arguments of counsel, and the judge’s instructions, and will thoughtfully and impartially weigh the issues.
During the trial I will not discuss the case with others; nor permit others to discuss it with me; neither will I read about in the newspapers, or listen to broadcasts about it.
While hearing a case, I will keep an open mind until the case is finally submitted to the jury.
I will observe legal procedure not as red tape, but as a device developed through thousands of years from the protection of the people.
I will consider all the evidence fully and fairly, uninfluenced by friendship, sympathy, bias or prejudice.
I will work with my fellow jurors in a spirit of tolerance and understanding and will endeavor to bring the deliberation of the whole jury to a true and honest verdict.
Mural in the court
Mural in the court

Cowboy Code of Ethics

  • Ride for the Brand
  • Talk less and say more
  • Remember that some things aren't for sale
  • Know where to draw the line
  • Live courageously
  • Take pride in your work
  • Finish what you start
  • Do what’s necessary
  • Be tough but fair


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