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Please note: Inconvenience to a prospective juror or juror’s employer is not an acceptable reason to be excused from jury duty. 

If you are claiming an excusal/exemption you are required to provide the documents applicable to the exemption. Failure to do so will automatically place you on the list as a prospective juror. Excuses not submitted in a timely manner cause a burden to the court, we do not know you cannot service unless you inform us.

Documentation may be submitted via any of the following (please include your juror number):

  • Faxed to (937) 544-8911 Attention: Jury Commissioners
  • Mailed or Hand-Carried to (937) 544-8911 Attention: Jury Commissioners to:
    Adams County Jury Commissioners
    110 W. Main Street (Room 235)
    West Union, Ohio 45693
  • Emailed directly to: Roberta L. Osman at or Leanne Liston at
  • Moved From Adams County Must provide proof of address change (i.e. mail, driver’s license).
  • Physical inability or medical problems/condition. Must provide proof of address change (i.e. mail, driver’s license).
  • Full-time College Student. Must provide a letter from the institution indicated your enrollment.
  • Member of a Cloistered Religious Organization. Must notify Jury Commissioner.
  • Active Duty Military. Must provide written proof.
  • 75 Years of Age or Older. Must notify Jury Commissioner to request to be excused.
  • Other. Must provide written letter explaining the circumstances.

Prior Felonies: Jurors who have prior felony convictions are eligible to serve on jury duty provided that they are no longer incarcerated or on their period of probation/community control.  If you wish to be excused based on a past felony conviction the Jury Commission Office will consider your request.   Your request to be excused must be accompanied by verification of the felony conviction.  If you don’t have any records in your possession the best place to go would be the Clerk of Courts of the place where the felony conviction occurred.

Requests for Deferral (Postponement)

If the report date that you have been assigned creates a serious conflict with your schedule, Ohio law allows a one-time request to postpone your service.

(Please note: Before requesting deferment, review your summons carefully. Be sure that you meet all eligibility requirements to serve and that you do not qualify for any of the excuse categories.)

  • Your jury duty may only be deferred one time.
  • You will be required to select a specific date for your deferral. When selecting your deferral date, you may select any of the three terms in that calendar year (Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sep-Dec).

Please be sure to clear the date you have selected with your calendar as well as your employer’s (if applicable.) You will receive written confirmation by mail that your deferral has been approved. Please mark your calendar accordingly and notify your employer (if applicable) of your new report date. A new summons will be sent to you approximately 30 days prior to your new report date

* If you have been summoned for Grand Jury, your report date CANNOT be deferred. Your summons will specify what type of summons you have and whether or not your assigned report date can be deferred.