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Civil Fees

Effective January 1st, 2018

Preplacement prior to adoption
-per child (does not include adoption fee)
Private Adoptions1
-per child
Assessor Home Study Fee
-per household (paid directly to assessor)
Agency Adoptions
-per child - Agency Provides Assessor Reports
Adult Adoptions $150.00
Full Administration $125.00
Release From Administration $125.00
Summary Release $60.00
Claims Against Estate $10.00
Motion & Entry to Re-Open Estate
(Plus Costs of Additional Documents)
Person & Estate (Each Case) $125.00
Estate Only (Each Case) $125.00
Person Only (Each Case) $125.00
Emergency Guardianship (Each Case) $125.00
Minor Settlements
Over $10,000.00 Requires Guardianship $185.00
Without Guardianship $60.00
Authenticated Copies From Another County $28.00
Will With Non-Taxable Return Filed $28.00
Will With Taxable Return Filed $33.00
Civil Actions
All Complaints $25.00
Subpoenas $2.00
Other Fees
Application to Correct Birth Record $10.00
Change of Name
(Additional Cost for Each Case - $105.00)
Copies of Court Record $18.00
Deposit of Wills $25.00
Marriage License $50.00
Certified Copy of Marriage Record $2.00
Publication Deposit $250.00

1 Includes Relative, Step-Parent, and all other non-agency adoptions