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Notary Public Information

Notary Courses Have Resumed. Class Sizes Will Be Limited, Please Apply Early

PLEASE TAKE SPECIAL NOTE: Senate Bill 263 took effect on March 20, 2019 giving the Secretary of State the authority to draft administrative rules and to implement a new notary process which took effect in Ohio on September 20, 2019 (which includes 1 hour of education/training for notaries renewing their commission and 3 hours of education/training and testing for new applicants.

The purpose of this Notary Commission is to provide the required education and testing approved through the Ohio Secretary of the State who in turn commissions notaries public. At this time, education courses and testing are all done onsite.

A “Notary Public” is a public officer of the State of Ohio, a position created by the Ohio Legislature. Ohio law provides that no applicant may be appointed as a notary public in Ohio unless applicant is a citizen eighteen years of age or older and a resident of Ohio. Residency not required if applicant is an attorney authorized to practice law by the Ohio Supreme Court and has a primary practice located within the State of Ohio.

A Notary’s duty is to attest to the genuineness of any deeds or writings in order to render them available as evidence of the facts therein contained. The commission of a notary public is not a license to practice law. A notary should not draft legal documents or offer legal advice.

The procedure to sign up for an education course in Adams County is as follows:

  1. Download the application – New or Renewal, or stop by our office Notary office located in the Courthouse, Room 207, top floor.
  2. Return application with payment to: Adams County Clerk of Courts Office ,Attn: Notary Class, 110 W. Main Street, Room 207, West Union, Ohio 45639. Registration and fee must be received by the 1st of the month you plan to attend.
  3. Upon receipt of application you will be scheduled for the appropriate education course and test date (if required). After completing the education course, you will receive a certification of completion to present to the Secretary of State who will then, upon receipt of all required documentation issue your commission.

Questions please call us at (937)-544-2344.

** We suggest that you have your BCI check completed before attending the course requirement, contact 937-544-2314 for questions regarding times and days that background checks are completed. Please note these are now located on the 1st floor of the Courthouse.

Class times are as follows:

New 1pm - 4pm
Renewal 1pm - 2pm
New Notary Course Application Download
Renewal Notary Course Application Download